This post is perhaps the most important article here, so take note. Nocturnal special elements are what make it distinct from any other publishing platform. It is however, not a standard Markdown syntax that most are familiar with, but it’s not that much different.

Alt text

There are no easy way to create image gallery in most platforms. You may need to use special builder, or pry open the HTML editor. With Nocturnal, all you have to do is create a list of images with Markdown syntax.

- ![Alt text](/photos/1 "Caption 1")
- ![Alt text](/photos/2 "Caption 2")
- ![Alt text](/photos/3 "Caption 3")

Wide Image

Wide image
Example wide image

Wide image is image that are wider than the post content, used to highlight or showcase an image. Simply wrap image syntax in single asterisk *, like how you emphasis a text.

*![Wide image]( "Example wide image")*

Full-width Image

Full-width image
Example full-width image

Full-width image will occupy the screen from left to right, without any margin or padding. It’s great for panorama or high-resolution photos. Wrap image syntax in double asterisk ** to make it go full-width, exactly like how you’d bold a text.

**![Full-width image]( "Example full-width image")**

You can also bold an image in image gallery list to make it wider than the rest.

Image Caption

There are two ways to add image caption under the image. Firstly, you can add it after the image path in image syntax, wrapped in quotation mark "". By using this format, you can add caption to every special element images. The downside is that you can’t add any formatting to the caption.

- ![Alt text](/photos/1 "Image caption 1")
- ![Alt text](/photos/2 "Image caption 2")
- ![Alt text](/photos/3 "Image caption 3")

*![Wide image]( "Example wide image")*

**![Full-width image]( "Example full-width")**

Second way is by using emphasis syntax. Right after an image, wrap your caption texts in single asterisk *. By using this format you can only add to normal image, wide image and full-width image. You can’t use this for image gallery.

Wide image
Example caption with a link, bold, and strikethrough
![Wide image](
*Example caption under normal image*

*![Wide image](*
*Example caption with [link](#)*

**![Full-width image]( "Example full-width image")**
*Example caption with **bold** text*

Embedded Content

Nocturnal will try to embed most social media or media content as easy as adding a link to that media. Currently it supports Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Soundcloud.