So you’ve finally played with Markdown and wrote your first Nocturnal post. How do you finally get it out for the world to see?

Firstly, make sure you add some photo to your post, either by using photo header, or adding some photo into your content.

Next, make sure you’ve set a proper permalink in Post Setting. You can open the post setting drawer by clicking the cog/gear icon on bottom left of post editor. A permalink should only contain number and lowercased letters, usually based on your post title.

There are three level of publishing available to you for each post, hidden, published, and promoted.

Alt text

Hidden will make your post hidden from anywhere, except through direct link. You can share direct link to a post for friend to read, but it will not show up in your journal.

Published will make your post available to everyone, and will show up in your journal page. Usually this is the setting you want.

Promoted will make your post available to everyone, will show up in your journal page, and will be featured in Nocturnal community, either on homepage, or feature page. Your promoted post also appear bigger than the rest in your journal page.

To be featured in specific category, you also need to set the category of which you want it to appear. Only three categories can be added to each post, but you can add unlimited number of tags to each post.