Nocturnal allows you to set different post header depending on your subject. Currently, there are 3 types of header that we support:

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Map


By default, text header will be used when you create a new post. This is also good if you need plain header where the content is mostly words, rather than photo. When sharing to social media sites, text header will try to find any photo you insert in the gallery as preview thumbnail.


Photo header allows you to set a cover photo for your post. This cover photo will be used as full-page background image on the header, as thumbnail of your post, and preview thumbnail of social media links. To use photo header, simply switch the post header switcher to “photo” and click “Upload cover photo.” You can also drag and drop the photo into the header.

Alt text


Map header will display a map of location of your choosing in header. It is a way to visualize map location where your storytelling occurs. Simply switch to “Map” and click on the marker icon to search for places. Press enter to search for map location, and it will try to suggest a place. Repeat with specific location name if the suggested location is off.

Alt text

Start playing with your post header and be creative! We will be adding more types of header once in a while.