Not only header, Nocturnal also allows you to change background of post content. There are currently three types of post content background available, which is:

  • Plain (default)
  • Photo
  • Map

To change the post content type, simply look for post content switcher on top right of the content section in post preview page.


This is the default type, which has white background. When you create a post, it will by default a plain background.


Photo background allow you to add a fixed photo into the background, which will be darkened to allow better readability. It has dark background if there’s no photo uploaded.


This is special background type where a background map is placed alongside the content, allowing for map location to fly into any location specified while reader are scrolling the page. For more info on how to implement map background, read this post.

We will be adding more post content type from time to time. Let us know any feedback you may have while using the post content switcher.