When you’re writing travel or outdoor post, you might want to showcase location of where the event has taken place. You can add background map to pan to those locations alongside the narrative of your story, like how you’re seeing right now.

With Nocturnal, it is very easy to add that in. Firstly, go to your post, and look for the body content switch on the screenshot below, and click on “Map.”

Next, to add your first map coordinate, go to Google Maps and look for that location and pan to exact part of your choosing. You will notice that some portion of the URL keeps changing when you pan the map. It starts with “@” and ends with “z”, like so: @21.0227387,105.8194541,14z. It displays your current map coordinate. Select that portion of the URL and copy it.

Go to your post editor and add a link in a new line with the URL that you just copied. For example:


[Ngoc Song Temple](@21.029785,105.850744,16z)


Then click on “Preview” to see your link, which will results in a link in your post like this:

Hanoi Old Quarter

Add more links like this to your post, at least one more, to simulate the flying map when you scroll to each links. Also, make sure that there are sufficient paragraph or images between your links so that it will fly to the coordinate one by one as you scroll the page.