Nocturnal is a photo story platform using Markdown. We want to make it easy for others to publish articles with different photo story elements such as gallery, wide images, media, embedded contents, and maps, as easy as writing a content.

We wanted to make a platform that is familiar to web writers, photographers, and content creators. By using Markdown, we aim to make it easy for photo story to be moved and published to multiple outlets that support Markdown.

There’s no official writing syntax that allow things like gallery to be written as part of content. Traditionally, this is handled by a combination of special text editor, and the HTML component. Markdown has always been a de-facto writing format for web contents.

Leveraging on this, we slightly enhance how we handle certain Markdown syntax to display complex media elements that would otherwise needing a bit of know-how to implement.

We hope you enjoy using Nocturnal! If you have any feedback, check out our Contact page.

Nocturnal Team.